Review: “The Invitation: An Ethic Holiday Edition” by Ashley Antoinette



“A new baby is on the way for Ethic and Alani, but the stress of her high-risk pregnancy is weighing on the couple heavily. When the routine of their love changes, Alani’s hormones send them on an emotional roller coaster filled with suspicion and miscommunication. With challenges from the children they have already on the horizon and Ethic’s involvement with Nyair’s city council run, things in the Okafor household are in disarray. Glimpse into the everyday life of Ashley Antoinette’s favorite literary family while you wait on the highly anticipated sequel to her hit novel Butterfly.

They’re inviting Ash Army to their baby shower, but expect some bumps along the way. Be sure to RSVP by one-clicking your copy today.”

Rating: 5 stars

     Without warning in the late-night hours of April 29th, Ashley Antoinette announced a new “Story Time”, a term her #AshArmy and subscribers have become very familiar with. So, I hurried to my email to check it out .Imagine my surprise when it was a link to a new novella!

“The Invitation” bridges the gap between Butterfly and Butterfly 2. The Okafors are preparing for the arrival of their new bundle of joy. But if you know the Okafors, then you know it could never be that simple lol. As always, Ashley Antoinette has such a way with words. Even though this was a short, it was not without drama, laughs, and action. It was so great to catch up with these characters again .I enjoyed the alternating storylines. And I must say that little Bella is definitely not so little anymore. So glad I was invited. The countdown to Butterfly 2 is on!

Butterfly 2 releases June 16th. You can find my review here

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