Mini Book Review + Five Thoughts I Had While Reading

I have been on a little bit of a novella kick lately. Novellas are typically short stories. Doing a quick Google search I found out that they are usually 60- 120 pages. It’s hard to review a novella without giving too much away so I decided to do mini book reviews for the novellas that I read along with a few thoughts I had while reading .


     “There are two things on Earth that Isobel Knight loves above all else—her Gamma Betty and their family bakery, Whisk. When an opportunity presents itself to place Whisk in the national spotlight as well as take home a nice chunk of cash, Isobel is in it to win it!
Travis Coleman is a former professional football player with way too much time on his hands now that he’s been made to retire after injury. Approached with the opportunity to pair up with a hometown baker and compete for the chance to win a hefty donation for his foundation, he’s almost all in. But there’s one little problem…
Travis and Isobel have had friction between them going back to their high school days, but can they set their animosity aside and keep their eyes on the prize? Or will pride keep them from walking away victorious?

My Mini Review

4/5 stars 

“Sugar, Butter, Flour, Love” by Nicole Falls was the cutest novella. The plot itself was refreshing. I love watching Food Network baking competition shows so of course I had to check this out. I loved the characters, the reality tv show elements, and the steaminess! Gam was such a lovable character. This was the first book that I have read by Nicole Falls but it definitely will not be my last.

Five Thoughts I had While Reading “ Sugar, Butter, Flour, Love” by Nicole Falls:

  1. I need to look some of these recipes up and try to recreate them. Even though it would be a baking fail!
  2. I wonder if this is similar to how Food Network operates behind the scenes.
  3. Things are really heating up! Oh la la lol.
  4. Gam is too much! Hilarious.
  5. I wonder what happens next? I need more!

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