I am currently open to review requests.

Genres I am not currently accepting:

Non-Fiction-requests including but not limited to biographies, true crime, etc.

Historical Fiction

Genres I Read:

Young Adult



Mystery/ Thriller

African American/ Urban Literature



Women’s Fiction

I will accept books in the form of physical or digital copies. My mailing address will be given for any physical copies.

Please include the following in your review request:

A detailed summary of your book

Release Date


Please understand that if I accept your request to review your book that it may not be done immediately. I will try to get it read and posted in a timely manner, however. Reviews will be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and on this blog. I also reserve the right to not finish a book for a variety of reasons.

Honesty Policy

Please be aware that my reviews are as fair and honest as possible. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.


   I am also open to blog tours, giveaways, cover reveals and more. Please contact me  for more information.

My rating system is as follows:

5 stars– I absolutely loved it! It kept me engaged, was well paced, and overall a fantastic read.

4 Stars– I liked it but there were a few issues that kept me from giving it the complete five-star rating.

3 Stars– It was ok. I did not over like or dislike it. Somewhere in the middle.

2 Stars– I didn’t like it. There might be a few things I liked.

1 Star– I really disliked it. This can be for a variety of reasons including pacing issues, very problematic theming or situations, etc.